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Vision Boards

A vision board is a simple and very powerful visualisation tool that activates The Law of Attraction (it is also known as a treasure map, creativity collage, or goal board). It helps you to manifest your dreams into reality, by getting you to focus your attention on the life that you really want to live, using a collection of personal and good-feeling images, that you look at many times every day.

When you regularly and consistently focus your attention on the most important things to you, those most important things have to become your reality. That is how The Law of Attraction works.

What you focus on, you attract!


Dream Manifestation Wizard

Create Your Personal Success Formula and Set it on Autopilot!

As I use this myself, I can personally recommend this easy-to-use Vision Board tool! It is a very modest investment and for those of you who are Mac users (like me!), the good news is that it will work for you too. It is an award winning audio and software program, that will assist you to manifest any goal, desire, or life dream. It’s like having a visual reminder to say your affirmations, by having them appear on your computer screen. You combine the affirmations with static images (your own, or the ones provided in the package) and your own voice too, if you choose). You can then schedule it to appear on your screen throughout your day, to reprogram your mind to attract lasting success.

And just so you can see how it works, here is a sneak view of some of the affirmations and images from my own Dream Manifestation Wizard!

Click on the image below to check it out – it’s a bargain price too! (need to double check this link

Free Worksheet!

If you would like to receive a free worksheet entitled “USING A VISION BOARD TO CREATE YOUR GOALS“, based on Imelda Leahy’s interview with Phil Lack on BBC THREE COUNTIES Radio, then please send me an email, with a brief message asking for the worksheet:

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